We, at San Lorenzo Ruiz School, hope you and your family are safe and well during these unprecedented times. As we get ready to resume classes, notions of a “new normal” in teaching modality have practically evolved unbelievably faster in the last couple of weeks than we could have imagined. This prompted us to come up with appropriate mitigating solutions to respond to the prevailing situation.


We have created an online website,, which will serve as an official repository of events, updates and general information reference about the school and its programs. Hence, all announcements, memos and reminders may be coursed through this page including comments and suggestions which must be kept, however, within the bounds of propriety and professional decency.


Online enrollment for School Year 2020-2021 starts on June 10 until August 15, 2020 for all grade levels. The guidelines for enrollment will be posted separately in the School’s website.

NO TUITION FEE INCREASE for SY 2020-2021 in all levels. The new guidelines on the schedule of fees subject to the new learning delivery modality and mode of payment will be posted separately in the School’s website.


Classes will be on August 24, 2020 as per DepEd Memo,


Report cards are ready for releasing starting on June 01, 2020 from the respective class adviser of your child or Ms. Jef Belencio at the Cashier’s Office. You may get the report card in school from 9:00 AM to 12:00 NN and from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM from Monday to Friday.

Please settle your unpaid account with our SLRS Cashier, Ms. Jef Belencio and return borrowed books to the School Library prior to getting the report card from 9:00 AM to 12:00 NN and from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM from Monday to Friday.

You may get in touch with Ms. JEF BELENCIO at:

     Landline Tel. # 340- 1067

     Cell phone # 0961- 205-5932

     Facebook Messenger  :  Maria Jef Belencio



The School has established health and safety protocols that must be strictly observed while inside the School premises:

a. No face mask, No entry.

b. Dip your footwear on the foot bath placed at the entrance prior to entry.

c. Submit yourself for temperature check (thermal scanner). Temperature reading of 37 Deg 

    C even after a five (05) minute rest will be refused entry.

d. Sanitize hands with sanitizer provided at entry.

e. Physical distancing of one (01) meter apart from any person at any time.



SLRS recognized the emerging new normal in the field of academic education and thus immediately took a proactive stance to redirect its initiatives towards advocating a feasible learning delivery approach that fits the needs of the times. Distance learning, utilizing canned or modular courses in two alternative modes of delivery.


  •     Online Distance Learning

Online class meetings may be performed in this delivery mode with learning modules designed for a week disposition is accessed via internet through a defined online platform or learning management system. This will require the use of gadgets such as personal computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets and with access to strong and stable internet connection. Scheduled monitoring and consultative interactions between teacher and student may be done through emails, Facebook messenger, mobile phone or landline phones.


  •     Offline Distance Learning

This mode uses printed materials canned as learning modules and designed similarly for weekly disposition. This modality is designed mainly for students whose location may have weak or unreliable internet source. The learning material, therefore is picked up and dropped off in School by parents or guardians. Pre-scheduled tutorials and consultative interactions may be done through mobile or landline phones.

This distance learning modality, whether online or offline, is anchored primarily on the active involvement of parents or guardians. A strong partnering of teachers and parents or guardians, will be key to the success and propagation of this scheme to ensure an effective transfer and acquisition of knowledge and total development of the child. Expectedly, the weekly tutorial and mentoring tasks to be performed at home, will require the dedicated guidance of an adult and the constant monitoring role of the School.


NOTE : The School is pursuing a virtual Moving Up programs for Kinder and Grade 10 and Graduation rites for Grade 6. We will post the schedules of these ceremonies including the distribution and release of certificates/diplomas and medals.


While the challenge appears formidable, our strong commitment to our Mission and Vision has kept us geared towards those educational ideals even with the new normal. With your continuing trust and patronage, we should all be looking forward with confidence, to a new beginning, a new realization, a new achievement.


Thank you and God Bless!




Dominica Y. Comandao, Ed. D. 

School Principal


Ms. Elizabeth O. Esperanza

School Administrator